Monday, November 30, 2009

thomas + kelley's ornament

thomas and kelley are great friends of ours. not too long ago i put together their wedding invitation suite and, more recently, a very special ornament for their first christmas tree.

Kelley + Thomas' Ornament

i used some paper scraps that were leftover from their invitations and this lovely tutorial from the master herself.

Kelley + Thomas' Ornament

it's held together with two silver brads. metallic twine with frayed ends and a personalized tag top it off!

Kelley + Thomas' Ornament

Kelley + Thomas' Ornament

Sunday, November 29, 2009

new business cards

i've been working on some new business collateral. many rounds and many more rounds later, i keep coming back to the most simplest arrangement. what do you think?

New SweetBeaker Business Card

i've also been working on my photo composition, approach and camera skills. lucky today the sun was plentiful. i think the shot above turned out lovely.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

many thanks

many thanks to those who are reading! may you have a safe and happy holiday! see you on monday!

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving Flowers

Thanksgiving Table Setting

images above are from our lovely thanksgiving day spread.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

press :: SB on indie fixx!

pencil cup + slim jotter gift set(s) shown on indie fixx! thanks, jen! see it here!

SB On Indie Fixx

damn fine tea

ok, i admit it. i am NOT a coffee drinker. yeah, yeah. i know. BUT, i do love me some tea. i came across this post and was immediately smitten - have you seen the amazing packaging over at andrews + dunham damn fine tea?

Seen On Damn Fine Tea

each tin is decorated with a unique, hand-printed label. yum-o! get 'em while you can - each series is produced in limited quantities. kudos to dan, michael and jonathan from aesthetic apparatus.
great design guys. seriously.

Seen On Damn Fine Tea
images from andrews + dunham damn fine tea

Monday, November 23, 2009

dora-themed birthday party, part 01

these bad boys just went out in the mail today and i just couldn't wait to post. they're invites for my daughters' second birthday (fiesta). she's dora obsessed, folks. seriously. completely 'zones' out when it's on tv. good luck getting her attention.

Dora-Themed Birthday Party

Dora-Themed Birthday Party

project details? each 5x7 invitation comes in a hand-lined kraft envelope (with my own striped pattern) and is topped off with a coordinating wraparound mailing label. special detail: rounded corners...

how'd i do it? i pulled all dora printables from nick jr., made each downloaded PDF into a bitmap, put together a simple pattern and, voila! the piece that wraps around the invitation is an idea i've been playing around with for other invitations and greetings for the shoppe.

Dora-Themed Birthday Party

Dora-Themed Birthday Party

be sure to stay tuned for the unveil of fun party details - think hand-crafted goody bags, a little pom love and more!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

can o'clips

just bought these mini clothespins at sam flax. man oh man. my mind is brimming with ideas! imagine the possibilities!

Seen On Papernation

image from papernation

Monday, November 9, 2009

nice to meet you: yokomono studio

Nice To Meet You

yokomono studio, SB giveaway winner, fellow etsian and papernstitch exhibitor, specializes in "modern bags and home accessories with a Japanese aesthetic." everything, from start to finish, is hand-crafted in Berkeley, California.

now, what exactly does "yokomono" mean? "yoko" is her name and "mono" is Japanese for "things, articles and objects" - simply put, "hand-crafted "mono" for your life"...

Seen On Yokomono Studio

what intrigues me the most is yoko's attention to detail. take a look at the stitching!

Seen On Yokomono Studio

Seen On Yokomono Studio

the polopolo multi pockets pouch and dokodemo bag in bag are my most favorite! both are extremely versatile and multi-functional (something i look for, as a mom)!

here is a little more that i learned about yoko...

01. tell us a little about yourself...

I'm a Japanese native and have been living in the Bay Area for about 15 years. I'm married with an 8 year old daughter & a little mutt dog named Lulu. We live in Berkeley, California.

02. how did you get started? when? obstacles?

I've always liked making stuff. My earliest "creative" memory is of sewing stuffed animals when I was around 10. After graduating from college and embarking on a wildly uncreative life as a software engineer my daughter came along. As I imagine is the case with a lot of new mom's, this sparked a creative re-birth. I started making clothes for her and bags for me to carry around all of the requisite baby stuff. When I got laid off last year from a software company, I decided it was time to start Yokomono Studio before I got too old. Time management has been the most challenging thing for me - handling house work, time with my daughter, and relaxation time. I cannot seem to find time for that last one!

03. where do you seek inspiration?

Inspiration might be too strong a word but I really enjoy combining the logic and simplicity of the so-called "mid-century" aesthetic with my own ingrained Japanese design sensibilities.

04. what does the future hold for Yokomono?

The future? What's that? I'm still trying to figure out what's going to happen today to think too much about the future! But seriously, just being able to continue doing what I'm doing I would consider to be the greatest blessing. I love finding new materials to work with so I'm on a constant quest to find new things to incorporate into my designs.

05. can you offer advice for other first time shop owners?

I think that being surrounded by good people who are constantly offering up encouragement is very important. When you first get into this you will likely be racked with doubts on a fairly regular basis. If not for the encouragement I've received from others I'm sure Yokomono Studio would have fallen by wayside long ago.

This really goes hand in hand with the whole cliché of "believing in yourself:. Cliché but nonetheless very very true.

06. if you could pick one place to be right now where would it be and why?

Luckily I don't need to go far. Our backyard deck with a nice little wine,
some good food, and a sunset over the bay. Pretty self-explanatory I think.


yoko is celebrating her one year anniversary! head on over to her shop and use the code SWEETBEAKER10 to save 10% on ANY purchase through the end of november (11.31.09)!

thanks for the interview, yoko! it's great to 'meet' you!

if you'd like to submit a shop for the Nice To Meet You collection, send an email on over to!

images from
Yokomono Studio

Sunday, November 8, 2009

nice to meet you

the slim jotter GIVEAWAY was a first for me and i must say it was a great experience; i'll definitely do another in the near future! my favorite part was getting to 'meet' new people through the comments! and, i'd like to continue doing so (meeting new people, that is)...

so, without further ado, i'd like to introduce...Nice To Meet You!

Nice To Meet You

NTMY is a collection of interviews (questions asked by me, of course) from artists who celebrate and focus on hand-made goods.
i'd like to pull a little bit from everywhere - new and old, the up-and-coming, paper and non-paper. feel free to submit too!

if you'd like to submit a shop for the Nice To Meet You collection, send an email on over to!

i hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the importance of packaging

it's really important to keep in mind that packaging is often your first impression! as i was packaging an order last night, a little light bulb went off and i remembered a recent article by ellie of mint - 'the importance of good packaging'. just wanted to share it with you, my dear readers. lots of great advice and yummy inspiration!

SweetBeaker Packaging

Kelley + Thomas' Wedding Invitation(s)

Personalized Gift Card Holder(s)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

freshen up

oh brooke has a great tutorial up on how to change the fonts of your blog AND one on how to change the colors. without going through a complete redesign, these are great, simple ways to freshen up the look and feel of your site!

Seen On Oh Brooke

Monday, November 2, 2009

and the winner is...

Giveaway Winner
"I love your choice of color palette & simple clean modern design...these would make me happy!" — Yoko - Yokomono Studio

Congratulations, Yoko! picked #39 - and that's you! Please contact me at
to claim your prize!

And, a BIG thank you to all who posted! For those participants who didn't win, please enjoy 10% off your selection of SweetBeaker paper goods from now until Monday, November 9th. Send a heads up to the email address above, along with item(s) you'd like to order, and I'll post a special listing just for you (that reflects the 10% discount).

Thanks again ya'll!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

holiday gift card holder(s)

new in the shoppe - holiday gift card holders!

need to send a gift card? send it in style! if you're like my family, the distance is great and more often than not everyone seems to go for the old stand-by - gift cards.

Personalized Gift Card Holder(s)

each A7 gift card holder comes complete with a kraft envelope and two sticky back envelope seals (one for the mini envelope and one for the big envelope). the mini envelope is printed and assembled separately and applied by hand. and, the 140lb paper is something to be seen - a hint of minty green with white flecks.

Personalized Gift Card Holder(s)

fits a 3.75" x 2.25" gift card perfectly (think credit card size) OR a standard wallet sized photo. shop now! limited quantities.

more photos here!
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