Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i love kraft. kraft anything really. and i've stuck with kraft envelopes since the shoppe opened; it's worked pretty well thus far. i think it helps set SB apart from others. they're 100% recycled and acid free. the texture presents a lovely but subtle contrast to the smooth paper surface on which all other shoppe items are printed. kraft is also versatile and compliments most palettes. i like versatility too.

Survey Says

but, i've been pondering. and i'd like your help. are you cool with kraft envelopes? what type of envelopes might you like to see in the shoppe? kraft? white? multi? or would you like a choice of all of the above? i've used bloggers' hand dandy poll widget. see it? it's over there on the right >> i'd love to know what you think. if the multiple choice answers don't fit your thoughts, just leave a comment!

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