Monday, February 15, 2010

happy tape

hi. my name is karly and i've hopped on the happy tape bandwagon. i seriously just couldn't resist...

Seen On Happy Tape

so many great uses. so versatile (i love me some versatility). so many inspiring projects already out there...

01. DIY frames from Decor8
Happy Jars from Heart Handmade
Personalized Letters from Tinted Mint
Clothespin Magnets from Whisker Graphics
Invites from Mer Mag
06. Business Cards from Mint Design Blog

what's really great? fantastic tape dispensers too (here and here)! *squeal* what can i say - i love organizing and keeping things neat too.

p.s. - i just hit the 'submit order' button. heeeeee!

image from happy tape

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