Monday, March 22, 2010

an initial exploration

as y'all know, i'll be exhibiting at my very first arts festival in april and i'd like to share the process with you, starting with the 'look' of my table and exhibit space...

i believe it's very important that your exhibit space reflect you AND your brand. i first started looking at completely custom-built tables and spaces from NSS and wishfully thought that i would do the same and then - pinch, pinch! i realized that, in these early stages, my budget doesn't really allow for something of that caliber (just yet). so, i dialed it back A LOT. i'm truly on a tight budget and i've realized (quite stubbornly at first) that it doesn't have take a ton of money to put something together. in fact, there are a ton of inexpensive items out there already that will be just as effective and get the job done quite nicely. 

that being said, i've been scouring the internets and have gathered quite a lovely collection of images. here's a sneak peak of how i hope my table will feel and my brand will be conveyed...

Sweet Ps Arts Festival Inspiration Board

i've really been drawn to a classic mix of modern, home grown and tried and true items. this is just the start, folks. there's a lot more to come!

images from container store, am radio, gibson holders and iStock.

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Ivana | Love Ardently said...

looks so exciting!!! wishing you the best, karly! :)

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