Tuesday, February 23, 2010


computer crashed. iPod crashed. it's going to take a little time to recover files. please keep fingers crossed and stay tuned. i'll be back soon.

Monday, February 22, 2010


fun! check it out - SweetBeaker was included in a lovely etsy treasury! thanks, maha!


Friday, February 19, 2010

sneak peak

i'm so excited. i've been working on a little project for charity and am just about to wrap it up. can't reveal 100% just yet though but, here's a little peak...

Sneak Peak

Sneak Peak

should be done next week. until then, have a great weekend y'all!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

emilie friday

came across this lovely calligraphy starter kit via miss. b's blah, blah, blahg the other day. thought it would be a lovely alternative to signing up for a class (if you don't have the extra cash) and to find out if you really enjoy it or not. jordan ferney also gives some great starting tips and a list of supplies here too!

Seen On Emilie Friday

image from emilie friday

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

belated thanks

i have to admit, i've done a horrible thing. with being out of town, the holidays, two birthdays, the valentine rush (...and lots more), i completely forgot to write thank you notes for all of the lovely gifts my daughter received for her second birthday. her birthday was december 20th. and what's even worse? it's almost been two full months and i just came to this realization.

in response to my awfulness, i put together a set of personalized flats with lovely pre-printed envelopes and even made special 'sorry we're so late' and extra 'thank you' stickers.

Scallop Disc Personalized Flats

Scallop Disc Personalized Flats

i sure hope they're received well. i feel like someone needs to come over here and slap my hands with a ruler or something.

Scallop Disc Personalized Flats

tail is definitely between my legs right now. better late than never, right?

SB on decor8

SB On Decor8

thanks to teresa from
tickled pink paper and ink for letting me know that my slim jotter(s), pencil cups and chevron flats were over on decor8's etsy take five tuesday yesterday! i was swamped at work and totally missed it! tons of thanks to holly too!

SB On Decor8

images from decor8

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the lovelies

The Lovelies Award

SweetBeaker has been nominated for the lovelies! the top 5 nominations in each category will move on to a round of final voting the last week of february. vote now by either commenting and/or twittering by using the widget at the bottom of the page!

thanks for your support!

image from lovelies award blog

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy tape

hi. my name is karly and i've hopped on the happy tape bandwagon. i seriously just couldn't resist...

Seen On Happy Tape

so many great uses. so versatile (i love me some versatility). so many inspiring projects already out there...

01. DIY frames from Decor8
Happy Jars from Heart Handmade
Personalized Letters from Tinted Mint
Clothespin Magnets from Whisker Graphics
Invites from Mer Mag
06. Business Cards from Mint Design Blog

what's really great? fantastic tape dispensers too (here and here)! *squeal* what can i say - i love organizing and keeping things neat too.

p.s. - i just hit the 'submit order' button. heeeeee!

image from happy tape

Friday, February 12, 2010

happy valentine's day

we're (trying) to fly to pennsylvania today to meet our new niece. heartfelt wishes to you and yours for a lovely valentine's day. see you monday!

Heart Confetti

heart confetti available here, year-round. great for birthdays, anniversaries and just because too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

custom monogram stationery

i've been working closely with a *new* client to develop a simple, masculine stationery set. here's a look...

Men's Monogram Stationery

cut from a smooth, 100# cover sheet,
each A6 flat features a tag with a custom monogram printed in 'steel' (grey/blue). the same color is then also used to hand-line each envelope.

Men's Monogram Stationery

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

botanical prints

as i was cleaning out one of our closets (see #04), i was pleasantly surprised to find a series of four botanical prints that i completely forgot were in our possession. around about the same time i had been pondering what to do with a very large, empty wall in our bathroom. and, voila!

Botanical Print(s)

as i was hanging our 'newly found' art,
i never realized the 'trend' going on in our home. seriously. guess we kinda have an affinity for botanicals...four of these are hanging in our dining room, each representing a different month of the year...

Botanical Print(s)

Botanical Print(s)

Botanical Print(s)

and these hang above our bed, again a set of 4...

Botanical Print(s)

the intricacy is amazing and the handwriting is delicious. what's best is that each print hold's quite a special place in our hearts - they all came from Gammy, my husband's late grandmother. having the prints around kinda keeps her around too.

i plan to do a little research project on each set in the near future; i'd like find their origin(s) and history. i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i love kraft. kraft anything really. and i've stuck with kraft envelopes since the shoppe opened; it's worked pretty well thus far. i think it helps set SB apart from others. they're 100% recycled and acid free. the texture presents a lovely but subtle contrast to the smooth paper surface on which all other shoppe items are printed. kraft is also versatile and compliments most palettes. i like versatility too.

Survey Says

but, i've been pondering. and i'd like your help. are you cool with kraft envelopes? what type of envelopes might you like to see in the shoppe? kraft? white? multi? or would you like a choice of all of the above? i've used bloggers' hand dandy poll widget. see it? it's over there on the right >> i'd love to know what you think. if the multiple choice answers don't fit your thoughts, just leave a comment!

Monday, February 8, 2010


i'm on a type-roll lately! so inspiring. only available until february 14th!

Seen On House Industries

Seen On House Industries

Seen On House Industries

images from house industries

Sunday, February 7, 2010

and the winner is...

Giveaway Winner
Congratulations, Grace! Your items will be in the mail to you shortly! Also, a big thanks to Gina of The Shabby Chic Cottage for hosting my giveaway!

Friday, February 5, 2010

i'm over on mint today

hello there! i'm guest posting over on mint today!

ellie has graciously asked 5 guest bloggers to prepare a week's worth of valentine DIY projects. i prepared a valentine tutorial that’s easily doable with supplies most of you (I hope!) already have around the house! see it here!

DIY Valentine

thanks ellie, for such a great opportunity!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

my type

i'm emotional, understated, progressive and disciplined. i'm archer.

Pentagram What Type Are You

if you've got a couple minutes, head on over to pentagram's 'what type are you', turn up the volume and be sure to stop back and share!

screengrab from pentagram's 'what type are you'

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

nice to meet you :: scoutie girl

Nice To Meet You

in the past i've interviewed a cut paper artist and a modern bags and home accessories designer, this time around is a new sort of artist - a writer-artist. it's someone i met on twitter and follow regularly...

meet tara gentile. tara is editor of scoutie girl and taragentile.com, curator of scoutie girl gifts, author of 52 weeks of blogging your passion AND
she also finds time to create beautiful web sites for indie business owners. to really sum it all up - tara celebrates the power of hand-made like no other. seriously.

Submitted By Tara Gentile

01. tell us a little about yourself...

I'm a mom, a frustrated academic, a blogger-writer, professional web surfer...I live in south-eastern Pennsylvania with my husband and my daughter, Lola. I love style but I'm a terrible dresser. I wish I was a graphic designer. I also wish I was a photographer. But I love what I do and can't imagine doing anything else at this point.

Submitted By Tara Gentile

02. how did you get started? when? obstacles?

I got serious about blogging in January 2009. I dabbled a bit in the community before that and found out that this thing actually existed! Finding a niche was one of the biggest obstacles. How to set myself apart. My mom gave me the idea for "Handmade in PA" (http://handmadeinpa.net) my first blog. I took over Scoutie Girl from Jan DiCintio (http://www.daisyjanie.com) in July 2009 because I wanted to become a full-time blogger and she wanted to focus on creating her wholesale textile line. Match made in heaven.

And did I mention she lives precisely 2 blocks away from me? Yeah. I met her on the internet.

Other than balancing my time between taking care of my family & work, my biggest obstacle has been convincing my husband that what I do is actually work. As I am able to point to more specific & measurable aspects of my success, he gets it more. Read: making money helps.

03. where do you seek inspiration?

Where don't I seek inspiration? Other blogs - Mint, Modish, Smile & Wave, How About Orange, Love Forever... - twitter, Flickr, Etsy, Supermarket. I'm constantly checking out links from friends and shop owners, hopefully figuring out some trends. I'm inspired by color & texture - and definitely materials.

04. what's a typical day like at scoutie girl?

For me personally, there's a lot of juggling - constantly back & forth between taking care of my daughter and taking care of Scoutie Girl. I'm up at 6am, Lola's up at 7am and from there the back & forth begings. At naptime, I attempt to take care of business - and if I'm lucky, myself. After dinner, I work until 11pm.

Submitted By Tara Gentile

Lots of emails to answer, which I'm terrible at. Lots of twittering - man, that thing has changed my life! Not only am I able to grow SG through twitter but I've made great friends, talked to people in positions that still boggle my mind, and literally network my heart out. I have 3-4 posts to write per week day and edit another 1-2 from contributors. When I'm not managing SG, I'm doing freelance Wordpress design and developing new projects.

05. what does the future hold for scoutie girl?

The future is bright for Scoutie Girl. Since I took over in July, average page views per day have nearly doubled. I'm looking to do that a few more times this year. My mission for Scoutie Girl is that it will continue to be a place where readers come to find amazing handmade design, thoughtful writing, and engaging stories of crafters & artists. My success rests on the success of this crazy handmade experiment. If I am successful in bringing the message of this movement to as wide an audience as possible, communicate the benefits of this lifestyle, and aid the artists in realizing their dreams, my success as a business owner is guaranteed.

I like those odds.

06. can you offer advice for other first time shop owners / bloggers?

Focus, focus, focus. In an effort to try to make money, many people try to broaden their appeal to as many people as possible. You want to do just the opposite, imagine a very specific person, think about her style, her likes, her dislikes, where she goes on a daily basis, where she goes for special occasions. And create your work just for that person - whether it's writing a blog or designing jewelry or stationery or home decor. Make your target audience ridiculously small.

That person (imagined or not) will have to have your product.

And so will many, many other people who want to be defiant by purchasing something not meant for them.

Really, it works. And your work will be cohesive, original, and stand out from the crowd because of it.

07. if you could pick one place to be right now where would it be and why?

Oh my! A college campus. Preferably my alma mater but any college campus will do. I feel so at home in the middle of a quad - even if the kids are 10 years younger than me now.

e: scout@scoutiegirl.com
b: http://www.scoutiegirl.com | http://www.taragentile.com
fb: http://www.facebook.com/scoutiegirl
t: http://twitter.com/scoutiegirlblog
fl: http://www.flickr.com/groups/scoutiegirl

thanks for the interview, tara! it's great to 'meet' you!
thank you for supporting the hand-made community with such passion. you are truly inspiring; i really don't know how you find time for it all!


if you'd like to submit a shop for the Nice To Meet You collection, send an email on over to sweetbeaker@gmail.com

images submitted by
Scoutie Girl

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

shoppe update

you recommended and i listened! and now, a new line of greetings is now in the shoppe! what makes them so special? well since you asked, each is hand die-cut. yup! each letter is cut by me. i opted to start with XOXO, LOVE and THX. more are on the way! use them just because, for an anniversary or to simply thank someone just for being them. read on for more details!

XOXO Die-Cut Stationery

LOVE Die-Cut Staitionery

each 5x7 note card is blank inside and comes packaged with a kraft envelope. XOXO and LOVE are specially 'lined' with a thin layer of translucent glassine. quite dreamy.

THX. Die-Cut Stationery

THX. is 'lined' with YOUR CHOICE of double-sided stock; choose from red/pink, yellow, lime green/grass green, powder blue/royal blue, orange OR mint/blue green.

THX. Die-Cut Stationery

any thoughts on what should come next? more suggestions are welcome! oh?! and, be sure to enter the giveaway! winners will be announced tomorrow, late afternoon!

Monday, February 1, 2010


leave a comment and/or link over here and you could be the lucky winner of a valentine jotter AND a sweet folded note! package them together for a great valentine gift!

Heart Jotter

each jotter is backed with chip board and has 32 blank, 70lb text weight pages. the cover is printed on 110lb uncoated cover with archival inks, and a rubber band closure keeps everything neat and tidy. bound and crafted by hand, each jotter is enclosed in a clear, acid-free sleeve.

Heart Jotter

your sweet note card has rounded corners and comes complete with a kraft envelope. it's blank inside for you to pen your own greeting or love note.

Sweet Stationery

you have until wednesday afternoon to leave a comment and/or link (btw - if you leave a comment AND a link, your name goes in twice! double bonus!). gina of the shabby chic cottage will announce the winner about 5 or 6 central time!

good luck!

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