Thursday, September 30, 2010

my little (and big zoolander-esque) dali

this past weekend we took full advantage of the smithsonian's free museum weekend, went to the high and enjoyed the dali exhibit (we also enjoyed a little play time too)!

museum entrance

My Little Dali
my little dali 01


My Little Dali
inside the children's hands-on exhibit

museum exterior

Zoolander-esque Dali
zoolander dali

Children's Hands-On Exhibit
entrance to children's hands-on exhibit

me and hubb-o

Children's Hands-On Exhibit
my little dali 02

My Little Dali
my little dali 03

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shoe flower(s)

any of these lovelies from the shop at no. 144 would be sure to put a little extra pep in my step!

Seen On The Shop At No. 144

Seen On The Shop At No. 144

Seen On The Shop At No. 144

Seen On The Shop At No. 144

images from The Shop At No. 144

Thursday, September 23, 2010

enter to win...

be sure to hop on over to kathleen's blog, twig + thistle, for a chance to win a Silhouette SD. my fingers are SO crossed.
Silhouette SD

image from twig + thistle

Monday, September 20, 2010


when i was a little girl, i had the most stylish pair of gigantic gray elephant slippers with big squeaky noses; my dog would attack them as i walked. i truly had the hardest time parting with them once my feet grew. as a small boy, my brother-in-law called elephants, "ephlets"; so dear. my daughter, now 2.5, tends to over do it a bit and pronounces elephant as, "eL-Lee-phunts" all the while overemphasizing that "l" and rolling her tongue for even more effect.

my memories of the past and those more recent have been brought to and remain at the forefront of my mind as i keep coming across truly wonderful, modern takes on the elephant in every day design. 

what is it that makes these lovely creatures and their sweet nothings so darn endearing?

Elephantine Gift Box

Submitted By Fog + Thistle

Pom Love Business Card

gift box photo from elephantine; night light photo from fog + thistle; pom love business card photo by me

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

kasey + kurt's wedding invitations

i'm so excited to finally be able to share the invitations i put together for kasey and kurt's beachside wedding! we've been working together the past couple months and the invites are now safe, secure and in each recipient's hand. a subtle sand dollar reflects the ceremony location while a cobalt + kelly green grosgrain ribbon ties it all together...

Kasey + Kurt's Wedding Invitations
Kasey + Kurt's Wedding Invitations
Kasey + Kurt's Wedding Invitations
Kasey + Kurt's Wedding Invitations
Kasey + Kurt's Wedding Invitations
congratulations (ahead of time) kasey and kurtis; it was surely a pleasure to work with you :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

inspired :: la marquise des anges

i have a slight obsession with white tees. seriously; i have a whole drawer full. i'm always on the lookout for the next addition and got terribly excited when i came across the la marquise des anges etsy store (found via elephantine). the perfect combination of simple, casual and chic. dress 'em up or down; my favorites are below... 

Seen On La Marquise Des Anges

press :: SB on elephantine

thanks, rachel, for including SweetBeaker in your chevron roundup!

SB On Elephantine

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

to infinity and beyond

below is a little glimpse of the lovely i put together for my husband for our eight year anniversary. the number eight and infinity symbol, coupled with buzz lightyear's phrase, "to infinity and beyond," just came together too perfectly...


i strategically placed little mini notes tucked inside glassine envelopes (seen above, upper right corner) throughout his day to let him know how much i love and appreciate him. this anniversary truly marks 15 years together - we are high school sweethearts. and, you know what? he STILL gives me the goosebumps ;)


still wondering where buzz lightyear comes in to all of this? hop on over here; we just can't get enough of buzz in our household. 

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